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The Alabama Tourism Partners Website is for:

  • Tourism marketing professionals
  • Business owners and organizations
  • Event planners and promoters
  • Convention and visitors bureaus
  • Destination marketing organizations

What can be listed?


Most tourism-related businesses in Alabama can be listed online and featured in our media content.

Attractions: Amusement parks, botanical gardens, golf courses, historic sites, museums, parks, recreation sites, science centers, zoos and more

Accommodations: Bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, hotels, hunting lodges and vacation rentals

Food Services: Restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, delis, dessert shops, food trucks and taprooms

Shops and Services: Antique stores, art galleries, boat charters, bookstores, boutiques, guided tours, outfitter and rentals, and more

Shopping Destinations: Farmers markets, flea markets, malls, shopping centers and shopping districts

Venues: Amphitheaters, arenas, concert halls, conference centers, fairgrounds, theaters and more


Organizations and businesses can list events on our website and in other media content.

Events include exhibits, festivals, performances, sports, tasting, tournaments, tours and more

If you have News or events related to Alabama's Bicentennial; from planning to Implementations to Celebrations, make sure they are posted on

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